On / Off SOLAR PV Rooftop

EDGE SOLAR: Edge provides SOLAR PV Roof Top systems in Off Grid (Grid supported) and On Grid modes.

Edge has the advantage of having all the components of the system like modules, batteries, PCU (inverter) and galvanized structure tested to the required standards. Edge has got the flexibility to offer customers, tailor made solutions with space saving module mounting structures.

It has an in – house Engineering team who can visit the site and suggests the best solution to fit in the budget.

Edge also helps its Clients with proper training in installing the SPV systems. It holds the credentials for designing the special solutions for commercial establishments like Petrol stations, hotels, hospitals and educational institutions. It believes that if every house and building utilizes their roofs for generating power through SOLAR PV, the world will have better day’s in future in handling fossil fuels.

Our Projects

Solar Power On / Off Grid Roof Top at petrol pump
Solar Power On / Off Grid Roof Top
Solar Power Residential Roof Top