Solar Power

Rural & Urban Mini Grids

Mini-grids are small electrical distribution systems connecting multiple customers to multiple sources of generation and storage. Mini-grids are typically characterised by multipurpose electrical power service to communities. They supply the power to remote communities, industries, and for other local demand. Mini-grids are the local distribution networks in developed areas that have a utility grid. The mini-grid can operate autonomously with local generating sources or interconnect to operate in parallel with the utility grid.

Edge Motion Control (Pvt) Ltd. Has expertise team and experienced companies as knowledge partner for establishing Mini-Grids across the country.

Optimum renewable energy utilization i.e solar, wind, and biomass at different operating conditions to serve the required energy service
Improved efficiency flexibility and ensuring supply of reliable good, quality power and of the system through incorporation of smart, intelligent tools and techniques, allowing for automatic adding or removing of the loads and resources based on their availability and set priorities.

Our Projects

Solar Farms

Edge Motion Control (Pvt.) Ltd. is a dedicated and specialized Company, striving towards the advancement of the solar energy sector in India. It is involved in myriad functions such as techno-economic and resource assessment, preparation of solar roadmaps, incentive structures, model tariff, etc. The Company is actively engaged in guiding both the corporate and government sectors through various stages of project development for different solar technologies, right from the conception stage upto post-installation certification. Proactive consultancy provided to various solar power projects has made the Company a strong advisory force to reckon with.


Prepare feasibility studies, detailed project reports, tender documents, and detailed financial modelling of solar power projects.
Provide consultancy support as lender’s engineer, owner’s engineer, peer reviewer, and government consultant.
Provide consultancy support for tendering procedure, bid evaluation and project monitoring at the time of implementation.
Serve as consultant to investors, project developers, industrial houses, government and non-government agencies, as well as regulatory authorities, offering end-to-end solutions for solar project development.
Assess the solar energy resources available in favourable regions across the country to obtain grid-connected and off-grid potential, and prepare solar roadmaps for different states in India.

Our Projects

Irrigation Applications

Edge Motion Control Pvt. Ltd. order an innovate solution that converts solar energy to electrical energy for water pumping Unique smart control technology handles the initial surge current requirements The system is used for an existing 3‐phase AC/DC pump ranging from 1HP to 25HP Dual switch between solar and grid electricity for easy change over from grid to solar Easy & affordable, compared to the other DC pumping solutions, available in the market

Features & Benefits

Reliable water supply when you need it.
No on going cost of diesel and electricity.
Solar panel design for 25 years life time
Quick and easy installation

Our Projects

Ready-to-Install Solar Kit

WE PROVIDE READY TO INSTALL SOLAR KIT OF 1/2/5 KVA /10KVA (ON /OFF GRID) For Commercial /Institutional /Domestic Use.

About Kits

Edge Solar offers Power Packs that are ideal for meeting the growing energy needs of areas where there is either an intermittent or no grid supply of electricity. These are also very utilitarian for semi-urban and rural areas that often experience constant voltage fluctuations. Embracing the proven solar technology, Edge’s Solar Power Packs are reliable, energy efficient, environment-friendly and completely maintenance-free. Modular in design, these can be easily customized and upgraded to fulfil increased power requirements.

Modular design with the option of customizing and adding on Solar Modules
Designed to power fans, lights, TVs. Ideal for rural & suburban households
Modules available with 2-4 hours/day back up in standalone mode along to 10-12 hours/day back up in hybrid mode
Works on both Solar and AC mains power
Protected against over load, short circuit, battery deep discharge, over charge and reverse flow conditions
In-built AC mains battery charger and Solar Charge Controller with temperature compensation
Table/ Wall mountable inverter.

Solar kits for

Domestic solution,Petrol pump solution,Hotels, Nursing homes & Hospitals

We also provide ready to install off grid solar kit(1/2/5/7.5/10 KWP)

Kit Elements 1KWp 2KWp 3KWp 5KWp 7.5KWp 10KWp
PV Modules 1000Wp 2000Wp 3000Wp 5000Wp 7500Wp 10000Wp
Batteries 2x150AH 4x150AH 4x150AH 6x150AH 8x150AH 10x150AH

Solar Water Heater

Features & Benefits

Efficient flat plat collector(FPC) evacuated glass tube technology(ETC) that heats water to 60.  -  65.
Optioal backup for 24-hour hot water throught heat pump/boiler.
Ideal for bathing, proccess heating,pool heating, and boiler-feed pre heating
Pressurized system available for improved showering
Car incorporate heat exchanger to suit hard water condition
Help meet government mandates for solar
Customized solutions including and after-sales service.

Our Projects

Solar Street Lighting Systems

Aadri Intelligent Dusk and dawn dependent operation
Quick and easy installation
Certified indoor and outdoor use.