AC / DC Servo Drives

Edge Motion Controls Pvt. Ltd. are specialists in Variable Speed Drives (often known as AC Drives or Inverters) they are most often used to control standard ‘squirrel cage’ motors which are widely used as the workhorse of industry.

Standard inverters (using simple open loop control) are used in the majority of VSD applications such as pumps, fans and mechanical handling devices.

High performance drives with superior speed holding and dynamic response (often called "Flux Vector" drives) are available for more demanding applications such as Machine Tool Applications, chemical and plastic processing, web handling and hoisting where torque control dynamics and speed holding are more critical.
Many VSDs have communication capabilities which enable information from the drive to be accessed remotely over a network such as Profibus or Can Bus etc.., thereby simplifying maintenance and diagnostic procedures. Other applications may require special features such as precise position.

Edge Motion Controls Pvt. Ltd. is authorized ATC (Automation Technology Centre) for Parker Hannifin

Our Projects

Solar Power AC Drives : 690P Series, 650 Series
Solar Power DC Drivers : 590P Series